Pet Care Services

Pet Care Services

Our pet groomers can trim, clip, manicure and wash all those pets who need some care and attention. Some pets may not like the idea of being groomed and respond by becoming aggressive towards the groomers; for the safety of our staff and comfort of your pet we will give a sedative which lasts for the duration of the clip. There is an added cost of $35 to $45 for sedation. 

All prices for grooming may vary depending on coat condition, very tangled coats, dirty coats or heavy flea infestations will take longer to clip and may increase the price of a clipping. 

  • Doggie Wash & Towel Dry
  • Doggie Wash & Blow Dry
  • Winter Tidy Up or Face feet and hygiene clip (belly)
  • Full Dog Groom (short clip over the body not styled or long)
  • Cost saver Quick cut
  • Cat clipping

Grooming Appointments

PH: (07) 54441566

With the full dog clip we usually clip the coat short, bath and blow dry, then give a final fine clip for a neat appearence. A good hair cut can take a lot of time, so we keep most pets in for the day. If you don't mind your pet looking a little scruffy we offer a cheaper cut, with only the single first clip and bath and towel dry, there is no finishing clip. This may be an option for clients who are only looking for a shorter coat lenght and don't mind if it looks a little unfinished.

We usually have clients drop their little ones at the surgery between 8am and 9 am in the morning with check out after 3pm, or earlier by arrangement (we will phone you when your pet is finished).

We almost always groom cats under sedation (for health and safety reasons we sedate most cats and some dogs which are likely to bite). Our prices start from $55 for a small dog (depends on coat condition, dog size and any special requests) cat clips start from $110 (maybe more if in very bad coat condition).

All pet grooming is by appointment only

Monday to Friday – Drop off time is 8am to 9am, later morning drop off times may be available for shorter jobs, such as bath and blow dry.

How often should I have my dog groomed?

Most long coat pets can be groomed monthly or every two months to keep their coats neat and clean, over the winter months many pets do not recieve a full clip but instead have a winter tidy up, which keeps thier faces and feet clean but maintains the coat lenght for warmth. There are a number of reasons why we groom our pets. Some clients are content to have their fluffy pets clipped short every few months to stop them from becoming matted and keep them clean. This is an economical option for pets which do not get knotty coats. While other clients prefer more frequent trims to control more difficult coats. Unlike people pet dogs don’t produce sweat to cool their bodies; but like us they do produce an oil which helps waterproof the skin, in some dogs the oil can give them an unpleasant "Doggy" smell or develop flakes of dandruff like material. Regular washes and towel dries or washes and blow dries will keep their coat healthy over summer.

Doggie Wash & Towel Dry

This includes a Shampoo, Conditioner, Cologne & Towel Dry.

Prices start from:

  • Small Dog - $16
  • Medium Dog - $20
  • Large Dog - $25
  • Extra Large Dog - $30

Doggie Wash & Blow Dry

This includes a Shampoo, Conditioner, Cologne, Blow Dry and a short brush out.

Prices start from:

  • Small Dog - $36
  • Medium Dog - $40
  • Large Dog - $45
  • Extra Large Dog - $50

Winter Tidy Up or Face Feet & Hygiene Clip (Belly)

This includes a Shampoo, Conditioner, Cologne, Blow dry, and clipping of the muzzle area, around the eyes, sometimes the feet, the bottom of the tummy and private areas.

Prices start from:

  • Small Dog - $40
  • Medium Dog - $50
  • Large Dog - $70
  • Extra Large Dog - $80

Full Dog Groom

Short clip over the body not styled or long

This includes a Shampoo, Conditioner, Cologne, Blow dry, and clipping, including the face, feet, tail and a short clip of the body. This is not a style cut and the hair is cut short, up to 1 cm long. It is a low maintenance quick treatment to keep long coated dogs manageable, clean and comfortable.

Prices start from:

  • Small Dog - $55
  • Medium Dog - $65
  • Large Dog - $85
  • Extra Large Dog - $100

Cost Saver Quick Cut

Single clip only, bath, towel dry. This clip will not be as neat as a Full Clip

  • Cost Saver Small dog - $45
  • Cost Saver Medium dog - $55

Cat clipping (prices from $110)

Hygiene Clip

If puss only needs a bit of a tidy on the tummy and bottom of the chest, this is the best option.

Full Clip (Lion Clip or Round Faced )

Full body cut with trimming of the face and leaving boots and a long tail.

Prices start from $110

Grooming Tips

Start brushing your new pet's coat and handle its feet regularly when young, regular handling will get your pet used to being groomed.

Regularly exercising yor dog on hard surfaces or weekly trimming their nail tips will help prevent nail overgrowth in small dogs. If you use clippers make sure you don’t cut the nail quick causing bleeding, if this happens too many times, it may be impossible to cut some dogs nails in future as they will become too distressed. Many dogs nails grow very long in old age, unfortunatly the nail quick also gets longer making it impossible to trim the nails shorter.

Your long haired cat will shed it’s coat twice a year, gentle brushing daily will remove loose hair from the coat. Loose hair may be swallowed by the cat while grooming itself and cause hairballs or mat up into one huge knot in the coat. If a cat’s coat is too damaged, there will be no choice but to cut the coat very short; small nicks or cuts of the cat’s skin can be expected as skin folds are often pulled up into the knot of hair where they are caught by the electric clippers.

Using a good shampoo and conditioner, followed by a brush out will keep your pet’s coat in good condition.

Pet Sitting & Walking

Many of our clients will already know Deb, she offers an independent pet sitting and walking service, if you are interested you can contact her by phone 0499 448 625.